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Why Would You Want to Hire a Los Angeles Writer?
Los Angeles is the most creative city in the world and writers in Los Angeles have a unique sense of divine creativity that you can't find anywhere else.  That's why we are proud to be Angelinos and provide L.A. style writing at its best. We deliver quality writing often in 24-48 hours in person in Los Angeles County or via electronic means to other areas.

We're in the Right Time Zone to Get Your Writing to You Right on Time
Writer Los Angeles
was founded by a veteran newspaper, magazine, wire service, and public relations writer  Lynn Walford  who has a background in the entertainment industry.  She not only loves to write, but also loves to help people get the word out about their products and services.  The world is overwhelmed with too much scattered information.  We'll take your information and turn it into clear concise words that enlighten, entertain, motivate and inspire for a whenever a copywriter is wanted for the best results.

Here Are Projects that We Can Write For You:
News Releases - for product announcements, events.
Feature Articles - major magazines, consumer electronics, technology, digital lifestyle, new age, holistic healing, and biography.
Brochures & White Papers - to promote your business, explain it and sell it.
Web Sites - if they can't get you on the Web, you often loose them.
Flyers - one whole page of the best information possible.
Mottos / Positioning Lines - the essence of your business in a few catchy words.
Mobile Content - all kinds of great short concepts 2 Go.
Demonstration Scripts  - there's nothing better than an excellent demonstration.
Documentation/Manuals - now everyone will know how to use it.
Technical Writing - we'll take technogeek and put into plain English.
Postcards - Dear Customer, We miss you. Wish you were here.
DVD/CD/Book/Video Blurbs - it's great, but it has to be distilled into a few paragraphs before they want to view or listen to it.
Ads - unforgettable information in a fabulous format.
Greeting Cards -  I'll bring true feeling to life.
Children’s Books - former school teacher knows kids.
How-To-Articles/Books - experience with hundreds of articles.
Ghost Writing - your voice captured and success gained.
Business Analysis - research of profitability, history, etc.
Training/Courseware - excellent comprehensive training materials.

Call Anytime or Call Now
With offices in Southern California, Writer Los Angeles works with clients from New York to LA.  Writer Los Angeles  is a division of Aproprose, timely and relevant publications since 1992, which has often been called, "The best place for when a copywriter is wanted in L.A."  Writing has been responsible for over 75 radio/television appearances, hundreds of articles and the winning entry at the Consumer Electronics Show, Best of CES

Please feel free to call (626)  ) 921-6397.   9:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time on weekdays.

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